Daily Writing: Butterfly



Often, a butterfly is used as a symbol of transformation. The caterpillar grows to adulthood and is able to spread its wings and take flight, leaving behind the husk of what they were. It’s depressing that they are most likely found being tattooed on the lower back of girls on spring break in Ft. Lauderdale.

Though they seem so free spirited and their colors make them appear approachable, I think butterflies are the famous people in the animal kingdom. They are so bright and vivid, you feel a desire to step towards them and reach out to touch them.

Sadly, they are incredibly timid creatures. During a trip to the butterfly farm in Massachusetts, there is a poster of a blue monarch whose wings were torn up. The butterfly is so terrified of being touched that the immediate reaction is to get away, regardless of the amount of damage they cause to their own diminutive frames. Looking at that picture of warning was heart breaking.

I can remember chasing after butterflies as a child and used to look back fondly on that. I thought that they were dancing with me. Turns out, they were running like I was a tsunami.


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