Daily Writing: Vast


Have you ever just sat and thought about how completely insignificant you are in the scheme of things? I know that seems like a very dark topic, but it’s realistic. I mean… How many billions of people are on Earth right now? How many other planets are there in this solar system? No, we haven’t confirmed life on other planets, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
Taking it a step further, how many solar systems are there? How many galaxies. I’m sure an astronomer is looking at this post and thinking “good god she knows nothing about space”. You would be correct. I don’t. Everything that I assume of the vast expanse of black in the sky is altered by my love of science fiction. Put me in front of a table of DVDs and tell me I can only pick five of them… If one of them is Firefly, it’s in my hands. I like the idea of rebuilding societies and am especially a fan of the ‘verse that Whedon had created. So much, that being the tabletop nerd I am… I miss the Serenity RPG I was playing.
I don’t know anything about engineering or what it takes for a spaceship/rocket to hurl itself in the air. I don’t need to know that to love it.
I pretty much melted in the theater when I saw the advertisement for Skyline. Best. Tagline. Ever. “Don’t look up.”
No, I haven’t seen every space movie in the world. In fact, I would think that I have seen a miniscule amount compared to the die hard fans. I guess I like shows like Farscape and Star Trek, because I like the idea of different beings having the ability to communicate and work together for the good of all around.
Wow… That was just a bunch of jibberish. Sorry.

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