WoS018: It’s Like Christmas… With D**ks!

Yes, that’s right folks… it’s another new episode! And it’s not an “Ali screwed up and edited something she already posted” episode because it was recorded today!!!

On this episode, Seth reviews some Whiskey, Ali rants about the blight in the alcohol community known as “Old Granddad”… uh… I wrote “Rawr” in my notes and don’t know why… Nevermind. We also talk sexy parties, late night cravings, dating (…?), weird standards, cheating, shopping, plans to hang out and record face to face in September, and how five year olds are magic monsters.

recorded 4/14/13


WoS017: Mel Brooks’ Mad Max

On this episode of Whiskey on Sunday, Seth watches Ali commit a coffee faux pas and they talk about the morning news, Gamestorm, Fire, Ali forgets the name of a very famous actor, Australian dramas, stolen credit card numbers, comic book ads, money, baby, work, the nerdiest towns in the US, and the theme song.

ALSO! The return of FIRING RANGE!


recorded 4/14/13



WoS016: Podfest 2012 Recap

As if I couldn’t be later than I already am, this podcast bursts forth like an alien straight out of the sternum.


After trying to figure out when episodes happened, I tried to find the things I neglected to post. I think this was one of them.


I talk about Podfest 2012… that happened about 6 months ago… so I’m completely on top of things…




WoS015: A Very Punk Bathroom Gave Ali the CBGBs

To give you an idea of how lax I was in editing the podcasts that will be randomly put out on not Sundays… Uh… we recorded this on 11/11/12. On this episode, Seth and Ali talk wine, Skalapalooza, BRUCE!, Ali’s first jazz jam and meeting a very special moron, Minor League Hockey, NorthHampton, birthdays, Ground Kontrol, 24 hr Elvis, Ali goes on mega tangents, Hurricane Sandy, and stuff.

I’m sorry about the neglect in the podcast and the blog. I have been meeting people and dressing like a jerk.


WoS014: Dirty Basement Bear

On this episode, Seth and I haven’t spoken in over a month. We cry and I cram in as much as I can about the past month in 78 minutes. Debauchery, stupid snow, giving kids smallpox stuffed animals… and neither of us drink during this episode. BUT! Seth is on painkillers and muscle relaxers so you can start to hear him fade. I had spent the evening prior drinking more than I should have.

OH! And Daylight Savings Time is for suckas.


WoS013: For Some Reason We Can’t Stop Talking About LadyParts!

Seth and I return for an episode of mass wonderment! Yes, we have some backlogged recordings that I have yet to edit, but I figured we’d post this one up first because there is news!

Alright… There isn’t a lot of news to warrant 90 minutes of your time but we DO talk about vagina a lot!

We also talk about Zoo Lights, Karaoke & Dares, early planning for my birthday, and Seth makes the coolest gifts for Christmas!

This was made for Jackie! ADORABLE!

Cunning, ain’t it?