Night Ramblings

“Ouch. Oh I’m sorry, did you stab yourself in the foot? No.”
*sung triumphantly* “Testicles!!”
“*giggle* You look so manly. Of course I’m joking! You’re wearing a pair of manties over tights!”
“And yet, you have your own theme song. Lame. SUPER LAME! Bah NahNaNaNaNaaaah!”
“I don’t wanna be a mercenary.”
“Depressed people speak in iambic pentameter.”

Night Rambling

“Let’s beat the shit out of domestic violence! … With our checkbooks! … seriously… Give me your money.”
“Of course you’re good at your job… How hard is it to say ‘Ya want fries with that?’?”
“I don’t think a penis is all that attractive. I just happen to be a fan of what it can do.”
“Dude… are you in-fucking-sane??!”
“I’ve got a bunch of clean girls that like to get dirty yet you choose two dirty girls that need to get clean.Seriously dude. Grow the fuck up.”

5/17 Night Ramblings

5/17 Night Ramblings.
“There are four of you and one of me. I like these odds, Murphy. I like these odds.”
“Come to think of it, Captain Planet didn’t really bring pollution down to zero. Fuck recycling… You! Get out of my theater… And take those cups.”
“The plot thickens… Or was that the sauce? I don’t know, ask Drea.”
“I’m gonna marry Paul Alessi. I hope he likes sex because we’re going to be having it with a bunch of people.”
“Fish! Fish! Everywhere! Poke em in the eye!”
“You might tell it different. I’d be happy to hear it.”
“You’re the Devil! … Where are your horns?”

5/15 Night Ramblings

“I’m giving you to the count of die to draw your weapon… DIE!”
“At least I don’t snore when I’m awake.”
“You’re old enough to do that now? Well, I’m still old enough to LIGHT YOU ON FIRE! … I like fire.”
“We can’t call it the ides of May… March’ll get pissed!”
“It’s like I’m swimming in a sea of cankles.”