Morning Rant – Definitely NSFW. I’m angry.

This is not going to be a regular occurance, but as I am on holiday for the week… I’m pissed that I’m up at 6 in the morning. No, it’s not because of my internal clock going “you’re late for work” or that my phone notifications are on vibrate (they aren’t) or that I had a dream that Devon Sawa tweeted my Reviewdles…

It is cold as fucking hell in my room right now.

In 2008, I went to a condo association meeting and was told by the elected committee that the town I live in HAD to buy us new windows because we were in a certain radius of an airport. They said that with the new soundproofing, it would also benefit us in the long run with our heating/air conditioning.

Now, a ridiculous cold two years later, NOTHING has been done. It’s gotten to the point where I have to wrap myself up like a glowworm to fall asleep. Because I’m an active sleeper, it doesn’t last for very long and the cold eventually wakes me up again. It makes for a very cranky Ali.

I am at the point where I’m going to draft a letter to the company that bought the rights to do maintenance to my home to tell them to fuck themselves up their stupid asses. The fact is that we’re constantly being told to do asinine things (like remove something from my porch. I live at the back of the fucking building. There should be absolutely NO traffic back here, unless it is a fucking bear.) but the important shit that THEY are supposed to be taking care of they don’t mention at all.

How fucking convenient. I know that people rarely take accountability for their own shit regardless of their company policies, but we have waited for two years AND I’m sure that this had been brought to their attention long before.

I have no idea what to do to improve it on my end. Yes, I could probably shrinkwrap my fucking window, but I shouldn’t have to pay to fix something that they PROMISED was going to be taken care of.

Plus, the money is coming from the fucking airport as they were required to. Where has that money gone?

Ugh… Just ugh.