This Bookstore May Have Something Against the Blind and Elderly

I left today with a desire to do something personal, inspired by a you tube blogger named Kayley Hyde. Have a look at the simplicity of reminding yourself to stay optimistic. Maybe you will be inspired to do the same.

How adorable is she?

Anyways, after leaving work today I stopped by a bookstore and picked up my own little book to record my own version of “Why Today is Awesome”. I think it’ll be an interesting exercise, especially when I’m having a less than stellar day. Finding little bits of happiness are definitely worth it.

Of course, people are still spending holiday giftcards and returning things so I was left to wait in line for a few minutes. My eyes kept scanning the store that was visible to me. I paused momentarily and talked myself out of buying the KidRobot Simpsons blind boxes when I looked over at the reading glasses display and started laughing.

I immediately picked out two things wrong with this sign. How many did you find?

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Emerson College Goes GaGa!

Exactly a week ago, the Emerson College community uploaded their 9 minute LipDub to the Evvy’s YouTube Page. In one week they have surpassed 427,000 hits and have been mentioned by the ABC National News, made the front page of YouTube and finally strutted its way to me via a friend on the facebooks. This is absolutely amazing and makes me wish I either went to Emerson so that I could’ve been a small part of such a big undertaking. I would love to see what they do next year and if they want a photographer there to take some behind the scenes shots. #shamelessselfpromotion #hashtaggingoutoftwitter

From downtown Boston, The Emerson College community and The 30th Annual EVVY Awards presents their Lady Gaga LipDub!
Official Twitter Hashtag: #emersonlipdub

I Think I Found My Newest Online Crush

I spend a ridiculous amount of time online and I found this post on College Humor called “Five Sci-Fi Children’s Book” by Caldwell Tanner. I saw the first illustrated cover and thought that Chris Hardwick would enjoy it. Then my phone exploded as he and about 99 other people retweeted it. HARDWIIIICKKKKK!

Then the author/illustrator chatted a bit with me via the Twitters. Being interested, I clicked on the link on his twitter page and was brought to where I was immediately not disappointed (a double negative means I LIKED it kiddos!). He did a t-shirt for Level Up Studios called “A Link to the Future”.

After skimming through his most recent posts… I wondered who this wonderful man was. So I clicked on his “About Me” and watched his video introduction.

CP-YOU! from H. Caldwell Tanner on Vimeo.

Yep. New internet crush.

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Tell me not to enjoy this dude. Warning: I might stab. Or cry. Feelings are funny sometimes.

Best of Craigslist – To the hipster dude…

Full title?

“To the hipster dude who did my lesbian roommate that one time.”

What follows is absolute poetry. The girl goes on to establish her nerd cred and how “Nerds have long suffered at the hands of jocks and at the jabs of hipsters like yourself. I don’t tolerate that shit.” She then proceeds to continue on and for some reason I just picture Velma walking across a football field and thrusting her fist into the air in a victorious manner. Yes, I’m crossing my pop culture references. Whatever. It’s still vivid imagery.