This Bookstore May Have Something Against the Blind and Elderly

I left today with a desire to do something personal, inspired by a you tube blogger named Kayley Hyde. Have a look at the simplicity of reminding yourself to stay optimistic. Maybe you will be inspired to do the same.

How adorable is she?

Anyways, after leaving work today I stopped by a bookstore and picked up my own little book to record my own version of “Why Today is Awesome”. I think it’ll be an interesting exercise, especially when I’m having a less than stellar day. Finding little bits of happiness are definitely worth it.

Of course, people are still spending holiday giftcards and returning things so I was left to wait in line for a few minutes. My eyes kept scanning the store that was visible to me. I paused momentarily and talked myself out of buying the KidRobot Simpsons blind boxes when I looked over at the reading glasses display and started laughing.

I immediately picked out two things wrong with this sign. How many did you find?

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Why I Love the Internet

People like different things. And some ingenious people who like different things also show you how you can do them too.


… It doesn’t need to make sense to me to be awesome.

“Why I Love the Internet” Might actually be a frequent thing on my website. I’m not sure. Depends on whether or not people enjoy it! So… Leave a comment!

The Blinking Light and Trying to Fix it.

Today was a twelve hour day at work. Usually I have some entertainment on my phone, but for some reason, the track ball wouldn’t roll any way except side to side. My first video was a plea for help. But luckily, I found help on the internet when I got home.

I decided to fix it myself. I’m still undecided as to whether or not this is a good idea.

Here’s the video of me fixing it (trimmed so as to not be completely boring).

This brings me to my question of the evening: Have you ever tried fixing something only to have it go disastrously wrong? What was it? What did you end up doing with it?